Shino Biung Mashallah, I could almost feel the cold while listening to this story. good job

Pearls of Wisdom I have been using your videos (Creative Kids) in my classes

Carimah Excellent gift for Eid!

Nura Wow! This is really good, mashaAllah!

Hanniyah MashaAllah! really appreciate this!

Hayah Excellent! Please produce more of these vidoes!

Ayoub MashaAllah - great story!

so sweet :D

brynetz Subhanallah, so sweet.

souperbooster MashaAllah!! great story!

herchallenge thanks great plz put more on...

souperbooster Excellent! mashaAllah!

wow this is very good masha'allah

majaap it s a good start kids!!! mashallah, have the potential to make animation movies in the future inshallah...

zehramughal mashallah


haniyyahn Masha'Allah - really appreciated this